For Our Friends…..

For Our Friends……….

 So many feelings and thoughts inside me
Beginning to stir me from sleep,
So many unanswered hopes for the future
No longer making me weep.
You blamed naivety for building these dreams
And then just going away,
I called it hope that fired all our wants
But couldn’t be bothered to stay.

 I guess you were right
I guess it takes time
I guess you knew the rules.
Although I can doubt
I now know the game
That abandons these dreaming fools.

 Throughout our talks of our past and our futures
We were able to find the light
The friendship just grew and cleansed the resolve
Without limiting our vision and sight.
My salvation came through one grace of fortune
So bright and refreshingly clear –
We both share one thing that will always be there
When sadness and trouble is near.

 You made me look hard
And answer with calm
All that I thought was dismembered,
My words then took over
My doubt disappeared,
Your friendship forever remembered.


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