Take Me By The Hand

You take me to the beach and you take me by hand
As I hesitate before you on the soft and warming sand
You lead me toward places that I’ve never been before
And each time that I stumble, you open up the door
You look beneath my eyes, into my very soul
And you make me understand what will help to make me whole
You challenge and persuade me to sample all that’s new
And you help me to discover the very heart of you
You lay me bare before you, confronting all my fears
And you gently kiss away my soundless, salty tears
As I search your words and eyes for your truth and honesty
My silent trepidation slowly fades away
Reality and fantasy are merged within my mind
And you recognise the anguish of what we both might find
Your faith in me rekindles what before had become lost
But still we have to ask the question, what will be the cost?



I’m lost without your touch
Without your smile to warm my soul
I’m lost without your words
Trapped in this wide and gaping hole

Without your strength I feel I’m falling
Without your love I can’t be free
Without you near I feel I’m drowning
Without your eyes I just can’t see

And I don’t know where I should go to soothe my silent vacant cries
And I don’t know what I should do to put an end to voiceless lies
And I don’t know how I can stop these tears and halt these empty sighs
I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to say these last goodbyes

I’m going through the motions
Clinging on to fading dreams
I’m scratching at the surface
And I’m screaming silent screams

I’ll never be the same again
Nothing ever will be true
Because you looked into the heart of me
Nothing less will ever do

And I don’t know where I should go to shelter from the cold hard rain
And I don’t know what I should do to ease the sharpness of the pain
And I don’t know how I can stop myself from ending up insane
I don’t know if I can get back up and carry on again.


Time – the enemy, tick, tock, tick, tock
Hand chases hand round the face of the clock
Constant and endless like the beat of a drum
Relentlessly banging till the mind becomes numb

Tracing the lines, furrowing deep
Dredging away at the secrets you keep
Greying the hair, uncaring, unkind,
Leaving unanswered the thoughts in your mind

It races along, hard hearted and cold
And doesn’t give in till your body is old
It drags you towards it, no way to resist
Till your dreams are all shattered, with one bitter twist

When you want it to sprint fast, and run far away
And soar through the night to the following day
It slows to a crawl and breaks down in the station
And laughs in your face at your utter frustration

For You..

Language Alert. Sorry – had to be done!


For you…..

If I knew before what I know right now
If I knew the truth the when, why and how
If I knew the signs and which path I’d take
If I knew back then those decisions I’d make

Would I change the road that I wander along?
Would I change the tune, sing a different song?
Would I trade the lows for a new set of highs?
Would I change my mind, be astute and wise?

If I could turn back time and find a different means
If I could change the view and see some different scenes
If I could find reverse and turn my life around
If I could undo life and change the lost to found

Would I live my life to a different tune?
Would I change my sun for a midnight moon?
Would I stifle love and silence my cries?
Would I turn to you and say my last goodbyes?

Would I fuck!

Broken Dreams

Broken dreams
How careless it seems
To give it all
Yet still to fall.
Not good enough
Not strong and tough
Just cold and tired
And differently wired.
The hope is dead
And all we’ve said
About me and you
Is torn in two.
Abandoned hope
Gone up in smoke
Burned to the core
Blistered and sore
Silent goodbyes
Wrapped up in sighs.


For Our Friends…..

For Our Friends……….

 So many feelings and thoughts inside me
Beginning to stir me from sleep,
So many unanswered hopes for the future
No longer making me weep.
You blamed naivety for building these dreams
And then just going away,
I called it hope that fired all our wants
But couldn’t be bothered to stay.

 I guess you were right
I guess it takes time
I guess you knew the rules.
Although I can doubt
I now know the game
That abandons these dreaming fools.

 Throughout our talks of our past and our futures
We were able to find the light
The friendship just grew and cleansed the resolve
Without limiting our vision and sight.
My salvation came through one grace of fortune
So bright and refreshingly clear –
We both share one thing that will always be there
When sadness and trouble is near.

 You made me look hard
And answer with calm
All that I thought was dismembered,
My words then took over
My doubt disappeared,
Your friendship forever remembered.